the intruder


Vanessa Paumen was born in Antwerp (Belgium) in 1969 and has been a decisive intruder since 1988 when she was introduced to photography as a graphic design student at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. After dispensing with her instructors’ encouragement to pursue photography full-time, she instead left her native country ending up in Texas where she stayed long enough to earn a graduate degree in Art History at the University of Texas at Austin. That is why she is now a professional art historian and merely an amateur photographer, who when not at work, is an avid traveller – always accompanied by at least one intrusive photographic device. After having lived in Texas and Italy, she once again lives in her native Belgium.

After years of being staunchly convinced that the photographer’s work must extend into the darkroom, she now fully embraces digital photography as well. She aims at capturing the details of life around us – those moments fastly fleeting lest they are captured as a still image. Light, water, and reflections thus are a recurrent theme in her photographs. Through the camera’s view finder these fleeting and changing details become the whole. As a still image, the ephemeral moment exists on its own, detached from its context of place and time.


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